Brunswick Limestone Specifications

COLOURS : All of our products are available in the following two colours:

Antique Red - This is a variegated mix consisting of a reddish / brown with a grayish / green mixed in. Usually you end up with about 60 - 70% red.

Antique Gray – This is a grayish / green mix with a small percentage of yellow and some subtle black veining.


These stones have a 1” - 3” rise, averaging 4” in depth, with lengths ranging from 6” - 18”. This stone is used as a lightweight edging stone, used to define a border, with a maximum height of 6” recommended. This product can also be utilized when thin ledge building stone is required.

BUILDING STONE - Available in the following two styles:

Split Face: These stones have a 3” - 8” rise, averaging 4” in depth, with lengths ranging from 6” - 20”. Stone is split on ends as well as front and back for easier installation. The cleft or bedding plane of the stone is natural and tends to be straight and flat.

Cleft Face Jumper: This is the bedding or cleft face of the stone showing with the four sides being guillotine split. They average a 4” depth with a 5” - 8” rise and 8” - 20” length. Jumpers tend to be more vibrant in colour than split stone. It is recommended that the rough or orange peal like surface be facing out for consistency of look and colour. A recessed joint is not recommended with the use of our jumper stone.

• NOTE Brunswick Limestone tends to look best with dyed mortar for both colours of stone. A 2% mix of charcoal black from elementis pigments seems to match the stone the best.


These stones are one man sized stones coming in a natural range of sizes with a 2” - 5” rise. They are suitable for landscape walls with a relatively flat top and bottom and at least one side being naturally straight and sometimes having weathered edges. The finished look is more natural and rustic.


These stones have a 2” - 8” rise, averaging 8” in depth, with lengths ranging from 8” - 20”. Stone is split on ends as well as front and back for easier installation. The cleft or bedding of the stone is natural and tends to be very straight and flat. This stone is similar to split building stone except being deeper and mainly installed without mortar for landscape walls. The finished look tends to be more formal in appearance.


Available in random shapes and sizes with 1-4 sq ft. pieces in the following two thicknesses:

1” - 1½” : Good for wet laying with a mortar bed on concrete or dry laying on a granular base and is sometimes preferred by retail customers for lightness and ease of installation.

1½” - 2” : Good for dry laying on a granular base and is quite often preferred by landscapers for its stability and long term durability.

NOTE: It is best to avoid double stacking random flagstone pallets, as it will cause breakage. This is especially true with the 1” - 1½” thickness.


For a more formal look available in two thicknesses and the following sizes: 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 12” x 24”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 24”, and 24” x 24”.

1¼” - 1½” thick - Can be dry laid on granular base but is quite often wet laid with a mortar bed on concrete.

1½” - 2¼” thick - Good for laying on granular base.

• NOTE: Different sizes of squares cut flagstone are mixed on a pallet and that you cannot order individual sizes separately. Also square cut orders are always rounded up to the nearest pallet.


Natural cleft steps with naturally straight front sawn back and natural or split ends. Steps with 6” - 7” rise tend to be most popular. Also available are 5” - 6” and 7” - 8” rise. Steps are stocked at 20” deep with 2’ - 5’ lengths being the most plentiful. Steps should be ordered with a 1 ft. tolerance in length to ensure proper delivery and also for a more desired natural look. Steps over 5” in length tend to be in short supply and should only be ordered in small quantities. Brunswick Limestone can custom fit ends of steps together if long continuous lengths are required.


Natural cleft coping used to cap dry or mortared walls giving the wall a more formal finished look. Available with three sides sawn and one long edge rocked. Additional rocking is available upon request. Coping is custom made and therefore all orders are final with no changes or cancellations once order has been commenced. Coping has random lengths from 16” - 30” long with a maximum depth of 24”. Coping can be ordered either 1” - 1½” thick or 1½” - 2¼” thick.


Natural cleft window sills are available 6¾” deep x 1½” - 2¼” thick in random lengths from 18” - 30”. Supplied with three sides sawn and one long edge rocked.


Random size boulders used for large centerpiece displays or together to form heavy retaining walls. Sizes vary from 8” - 20” in height and from 1’ - 4’ in diameter. Weight ranges from 600 lbs - 2000 lbs.